Game Pies

Game used in the pies is sourced locally. The main ingredients are venison, pheasant breast, brown hare, rabbit and pigeon. The pies also contain gammon, pork and chicken enclosed in shortcrust pastry.

Minced Meat Pies and Pasties

Minced Beef Pies. Contain a minimum of 66% meat, rich mince in gravy. Scotch Pie. Contain a minimum of 66% meat, with minced lamb, salt, water and seasoning. Pasties. Contain a minimum of 34% meat. Contain potato, corned beef, onion, water and seasoning, wrapped in puff pastry.
Sausage Rolls. Minimum meat content 34% per cent. Home-made sausage meat wrapped in puff pastry.

Chicken / Chicken & Mushroom Sauce Pie

Chicken & Mushroom Sauce Pie. Contain a minimum of 66% meat, with chicken, garden peas, chicken and mushroom sauce mix.

Quiche Pie

Quiche Pie. Contain a minimum of 20% meat, with egg, milk, bacon, onion and cheese.

Steak Pies / Steak & Kidney Pies

1lb Steak and Kidney Pies 3/4 lb Steak and Kidney Pie Individual Steak and Kidney Pie 1lb Steak Pies. All Steak Pies have a minimum 65% meat content